Physical Ailments

Mr. Joe had prepared podcast content on post acute withdrawal syndrome. However, some new discoveries have emerged in Mr. Joe's life and he reviews them with his audience. He discusses recent issues with his mother and provides us with a preview of his up and coming PAWS podcast.

Schizophrenia 101

Mr. Joe responds to an email and addressing the absence of an educational podcast on Schizophrenia. Mr. Joe covers the mental illness based on his own personal symptoms and shares the information with his audience.

Types of Delusions

Mr. Joe discusses paranoia, psychosis, and delusions in detail. He reviews warning signs of psychosis and 5 different types of paranoia.

Strategies for Denial

Mr. Joe responds to similar emails seeking strategies for dealing with a loved ones denial.

Hypochondria 101

Mr. Joe provides an update on his mental health. He discusses a recent doctor visit and the results of a urine analysis.

Mr. Joe addresses 5 random questions from his listening audience. In addition, he discusses his current bipolar symptoms.

Drastic Mood Swings

Mr. Joe compares his current state of mind to the way he felt yesterday. There has been a drastic change and his overall mood and he decides to share it with his audience.

Faking Feeling Well

Mr. Joe discusses his current depressive state and how difficult it's been to appear happy and content. He reluctantly offers methods in which we can fake feeling well during difficult episodes.

Bipolar Exhaustion

Mr. Joe has returned from a business trip and reports on his overall mental state and physical exhaustion. He offers suggestions to safely increase our energy levels.

Mr. Joe returns to update his audience on his current mental state and his mother's progress with alcoholism. In addition, he discusses how certain medications that claim to have no side effects, can actually be the underlying culprit of our challenges with mental illness.

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